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Jo Hays Vista

Jo Hays Vista, Ferguson Township, PA, USA

Trek along the top of one of our ridges starting at the Jo Hays Vista parking lot and see dueling vistas looking both south and north.

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About This Destination

Jo Hays Vista is a magnificent, easily accessible view of the Nittany Valley from the Tussey Mountain ridgeline. Situated along PA 26 S just outside of Pine Grove Mills, PA, this popular destination also provides easy access to the Mid State Trail and other vistas to the south and north.

Trek along the Mid State Trail to the south, and you'll reach the site of the yearly Tussey Mountain Spring Hawkwatch.  Golden Eagles and other raptor species are counted here each February and early March, during their Spring migration! 

For a different vantage point, park on the 26 N side and take Jackson Trail 0.75 mile north to David’s Vista. This view of Rothrock State Forest offers another opportunity to see what makes our ridge-and-valley topography so memorable.

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Jo Hays Vista, Ferguson Township, PA, USA

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