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Centred Outdoors'

Text: Outdoor Leadership Cohort

learn, collaborate, connect!

Centred Outdoors is committed to lowering barriers to exploring and enjoying the outdoors and becoming leaders in outdoor recreation and environmental and organizations, especially for diverse individuals and historically marginalized communities. Diversity of representation in the outdoors is vital, as it drives our perception of reality – who we expect to see outdoors and what they are capable of achieving. It allows individuals to feel comfortable and welcomed in the spaces they are interested in joining, and have an easier path into cultivating a sense of belonging. 

Centred Outdoors seeks to diversify its team and the larger audience that participates in its programming. Accessible and inclusive outings increase racial, ethnic, gender, and cultural diversity in the outdoors. This increased diversity improves community health, fosters a better appreciation of one another, and broadens our understanding of the importance of inclusive conservation efforts. Additionally, a broad diversity of representation in our outdoor community creates vital pathways for individuals to see themselves in these changemaker roles as educators, conservationists, voters, and stewards. A diverse ecosystem is a thriving one!

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more info & how to join the
outdoor leadership cohort

online applications due May 5th

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