Native Wildflowers

Spring time is synonymous with flowers. From rue anemone to trillium and columbine to jack-in-the-pulpit, a wide variety starts to bloom in the first weeks of May. Many of these early-blooming species can be found on many trails throughout our region. It is often worth visiting a new trail every week to see what new blooms have opened and what others have started to go to seed.

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Native Wildflowers

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Inside Adventure

Create a flower of your own

Create a flower of your own

Visit these sites to experience this topic

Barrens to Bald Eagle Wildlife Corridor

Bring your binoculars to experience all the wildlife the Barrens-to-Bald Eagle Wildlife Corridor has to offer!

236 Harness Downs Rd

236 Harness Downs Rd, Port Matilda, PA 16870, USA

The Arboretum at Penn State-Hartley Wood

Enjoy a walk through Hartley Wood.

The Arboretum at Penn State

E Park Ave & Bigler Rd, State College, PA 16803, USA

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center

Did you know that you have two types of wetlands in your own backyard?

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center

548 Puddintown Rd, State College, PA 16801, USA

Spring Creek Canyon

The Spring Creek Canyon is a site or tremendous historic significance to Centre County and hosts a fantastic biodiversity.

Spring Creek Canyon Trail

Spring Creek Canyon Trail, Bellefonte, PA 16823, USA