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Millbrook Marsh Nature Center

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, Puddintown Road, State College, PA, USA

Discover the unique features of the marsh and fen ecosystems along the trails at Millbrook Marsh. Enjoy wildlife viewing underwater, in the air, and all around you on land! From skunk cabbage to red-winged blackbirds Millbrook offers opportunites to expereince what nature has to offer.

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About This Destination

Plan an adventure along the boardwalk at Millbrook Marsh to discover the unique ecologic and historical features of the marsh and surrounding property. Whether you are a birdwatcher, toddler, student, or retiree - a walk along the boardwalk will offer relaxation and education, as well as an appreciation for the work these wetlands and organizations are doing to protect our region’s waterways and communities today and generations from now.

GPS link for this location: 548 Puddintown Rd., State College, PA 16801

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Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, Puddintown Road, State College, PA, USA

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