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Centred outdoors

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Discover and explore outdoor recreation destinations in and around Centre County, PA!

Experience all the benefits that time in nature provides! Browse our list of Destinations or participate in our Events.  Find local Transportation options. Sign up to receive our Adventure Guide emails, and receive details and directions for awe-inspiring guided adventures and wellness activities at destinations in and around State College, PA and Penn State University. Centred Outdoors events are always free, and open to everyone. Other events listed may be sponsored by other organizations and have their own registration requirements - check event details.

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Centred Outdoors is an invitation to everyone, of every age, background, or fitness level, to explore and enjoy outdoor recreation destinations throughout Centre and surrounding counties.

The Centred Outdoors program promotes a community that continually visits, enjoys, and cares for the region’s natural assets.

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Reserve gear to use during Centred Outdoors outings and enjoy the outdoors in comfort!

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Sign up for our Adventure Guide, weekly enews with specific event details including safety and preparation tips, driving directions, plus additional resources.

Thanks for joining Centred Outdoors by signing up for the Adventure Guide enews. Now you'll get all the details about upcoming events, activities, and destinations!

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