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  • Bear Meadows Natural Area
    Sun, Nov 21
    Bear Meadows Natural Area
    Visit one of last vestiges of the ancient boreal forest left in Pennsylvania, the 320-acre Bear Meadows Natural Area.
  • Stone Mountain Hawk Watch
    Sun, Nov 14
    Stone Mountain Hawk Watch Platform
    The Stone Mountain Hawk Watch is a world-famous site for spotting migratory raptors as they soar along our ridges.
  • Little Flat
    Sun, Nov 07
    Little Flat Fire Tower
    The, appropriately named, Little Flat Area stands at the northern edge of the Thickhead Mountain Wild Area that encompasses both Bear Meadows and Detweiler Run.
  • Penns View
    Sun, Oct 24
    Penn's View Overlook
    Take in the sights of one of our region’s most beautiful vistas at Penn’s View vista in Bald Eagle State Forest.
  • Musser Gap
    Sun, Oct 10
    Musser Gap Trail Parking Area
    Musser Gap is a gateway into the limitless possibilities of Rothrock State Forest.
  • Jean Aron Path
    Sun, Sep 26
    North Meadows Road
    A hike on the Jean Aron path offers visitors a relaxing stroll through several dense stands of hemlock and mountain laurel.

We'll explore 25 destinations throughout Centre County this year! How many will you visit in 2021?

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