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Indian Steps

Indian Steps Trail, Pennsylvania Furnace, PA, USA

Ascend Tussey Mountain over rugged PA terrain, and enjoy the views along the Mid State Trail.

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About This Destination

The Indian Steps trail offers a steep, rocky ascent of Tussey Mountain, where it meets the Mid State Trail at the ridgeline. While the origins and age of this trail remain a mystery, it's likely that the rocky steps were put in place by Civilian Conservation Corps workers. The trail is a convenient access point along the Mid State, providing a path to both Harrys Valley Road to the south, or Kepler Road to the north.

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ADA Accessibility

Not ADA accessible. See Destination website for more information.

Visit On Your Own

Indian Steps Trail, Pennsylvania Furnace, PA, USA

Indian Steps trailheads along both Harrys Valley Road, or Kepler Road.

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