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Galbraith Gap Trail

400 Bear Meadows Road, Boalsburg, PA, USA

Enjoy a hike along the Galbraith Gap Trail in Rothrock State Forest.

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About This Destination

Step into the natural sights and sounds of Rothrock State Forest as you explore the Galbraith Gap Trail. Look down to observe the tiny wonders of the forest such as moss and mushrooms. Look up to see large rock formations and boulders as big as a car. Listen to the relaxing sounds of the Galbraith Gap Run flowing alongside the trail. Visitors can expect to learn about the geologic history and ecological significance of our ridge and valley region during a guided adventure.

When visiting this location on your own, you may park at the Galbraith Gap Parking Area: 400 Bear Meadows Road, Boalsburg, PA. Trail Map below begins at the Fishing Pond at Tussey Mountain. 

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400 Bear Meadows Road, Boalsburg, PA, USA

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