Bear Meadows Natural Area

Visit one of last vestiges of the ancient boreal forest left in Pennsylvania, the 320-acre Bear Meadows Natural Area. A longer 6-mile loop encompasses the bog, however guests can explore any length of trail they desire and still walk away with interesting vantages back in time.

Bear Meadows Natural Area

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Sunday, July 17
1 and 3 pm
Wednesday, July 20
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More about this destination:

Step into one of only 603 National Natural Landmarks in the country and one of eight designated natural areas in Rothrock State Forest. Here there is a rare type of wetland surrounded by a forest of black spruce, red spruce and balsam fir. Curiously explore the rare plant and animal communities, historical features, and forest characteristics that have earned Bear Meadows its designations from the National Park Service and PA-DCNR, and inspired many writers and adventurers in search of peace and solace.

GPS Link for this location: Bear Meadows Natural Area, Petersburg, PA 16669


Bear Meadows Natural Area, Petersburg, PA 16669

Adventure Tips:

🚶🏾‍♂️ 2 mile hike, easy
📵 Cell service is limited here
🐕 Pets on a leash are welcome
🥾 Sturdy footwear recommended
💧 Remember your water bottle
📅 Yes this destination is open to the public all year