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Alan Seeger

Alan Seeger Natural Area, Huntingdon, PA, USA

Step back in time through the preserved old-growth trees ranging between 150 and 500 years old and see what Pennsylvania was like during pre-colonial times. Visitors will pass through dense pockets of rhododendron while reveling in the majesty of ancient trees. A perfect place to take a break from the rest of the world, serenity can be found among the trees and streams.

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About This Destination

At 100 years-old or less, most of Pennsylvania’s trees are fairly young due to the state’s nearly complete deforestation by Europeans through the 1800’s. However at Alan Seeger Natural Area, you can step back in time and into a stand of old-growth trees ranging that were left untouched due to confusion over which logging company had rights to land. Wander under ancient giants and come eye to eye with recently fallen ones while following a trail loop that’s less than a mile long. Extend your adventure by exploring beyond the natural area via the Standing Stone Trail to connect to the wider trail system in Rothrock.

Travel/Parking: This destination is approximately 40-minutes from State College. Parking is limited at this location and carpooling is encouraged.

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Alan Seeger Natural Area, Huntingdon, PA, USA

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