Prescription Parx

What is Prescription PARx?

Prescription Parx is another way for Centre County residents to connect to the Centred Outdoors program. Spending time in nature has been demonstrated to have beneficial health impacts such as reducing blood pressure and improving mood. Outdoor activity such as walking and hiking may also contribute to weight loss and be beneficial in managing chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Several healthcare practitioners in Centre County have agreed to encourage their patients to take advantage of the health benefits of spending time in nature by giving their patients a nature prescription called Prescription PARx that looks like this. There is no co-pay! It’s free! And it is flexible. You can fill your prescription at one of the Centred Outdoors guided events or at your own leisure as your schedule allows.

Who are the participating healthcare providers?

Please contact the Mount Nittany Physician Group provider for participating physicians. If your healthcare is is outside of the Mount Nittany Physician Group, please contact Centred Outdoors to learn how to participate in Prescription PARx: email: or call 814-852-8995 and ask to speak with someone about Prescription PARx.

How can I fill my prescription?

It’s free and easy to fill your prescription. Simply plan a visit to the site(s) your doctor recommended on your prescription. Explore this website for event dates and directions. If you have questions about visiting a site, please call 814-237-0400 or email


  1. Register to participate. Create a log-in and password if you’d like to keep track of your adventures.
  2. Select events to attend:
  3. Learn more about each of the destinations:
  4. Choose challenges for you based on your personal level of fitness and your health goals. There are easy options such as Talleyrand Park and more challenging options such as Mount Nittany. There is something for everyone, no matter what your current level of fitness is.
  5. Track your participation and collect trophies to be eligible for prizes.
    • Download the mobile app
    • Enter the special code that will be distributed at each event/site on your profile.
Learn more about the health benefits of nature!

Research has demonstrated the many health benefits of spending time in nature. The Japanese even have a name for it: they call it forest bathing!

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