Lower Trail

 Stroll along the Lower (pronounced lau-er) Trail and keep an eye out for rare bird species. The trail follows along the Frankstown Branch of the Juniata River through several areas recognized as important bird areas. Visitors can bring their bikes to experience more of the rail trail in either direction. 

128 E 1st St

128 E 1st St, Williamsburg, PA 16693, USA

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Summer Bugs

The soundtrack of summer is not complete without the cacophony that our warm-season bugs produce. The same is also true of the moths, butterflies, and fireflies that define the summer sights. Learn about all the critters that perform day and night to the tune of summer.

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Geologic Formations

We have an unusual geologic history in Pennsylvania, our rocks are upside-down! All of our young rocks make up the valley floors while the older formations are what make up the higher ridges. The same ridges that define our region also helped shape the socio-economic development of our communities. Take some time to explore why rocks rock!

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Spring Birds

From the first signs of spring, with the return of robins, to their eggs produced around Easter, spring is synonymous with birds.

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Summer Birds

The spring and fall bring the greatest diversity of birds to our region, but what about all the ones that call this place home? Dive into a new understanding of our summer avian residents and learn about some of our friendly flying friends. We will explore species that have adapted to cohabitate with humans and secretive forest dwelling birds.

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Pennsylvania has over 80,000 miles of streams and waterways, and we have the highest stream density of any state! We are indeed a well drained land, and you can scarce find a place to throw a rock that won’t hit a stream. Find out more about a water heritage and the important factors that have come together to make our home so replete with waterways.

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Our first weekly feature will focus on amphibians and their migration to vernal pools, a type of seasonal pond, in and around the Scotia Barrens. Each spring these guys and gals saunter back to the exact same spot to find a mate often crossing hundreds of yards, a massive journey for a 2-inch creature!

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Historic Land Uses

Take a trip back to the early days of human exploration of central Pennsylvania. From the earliest inhabitants to the rapid progression of colonial expansion land use in our community has changed drastically. Follow along as we dive into our unique cultural history and what these important events mean for us today.

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Spring Bugs

Not all bugs are bad! Many of the springtime hatches form an essential part of the lifecycle of everything from fish to birds. Learn about the aquatic lifestyle of some of the most prevalent spring bugs. We will dive in and take a closer look at mayflies, stoneflies, dragonflies, and craneflies.

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