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Alan Seeger

Step back in time through the preserved old-growth trees.

Barrens to Bald Eagle Wildlife Corridor

Bring your binoculars to experience all the wildlife the Barrens-to-Bald Eagle Wildlife Corridor has to offer!

Big Flat Laurel Natural Area

The Big Flat Natural Area hosts numerous vistas for the intrepid explorer, see the sights along this section of the well-maintained Mid State Trail.

Downtown Urban Art Hike

From beautiful murals that span entire blocks to small bronze pigs, see all the art throughout downtown.

Jean Aron Path

A hike on the Jean Aron path offers visitors a relaxing stroll through several dense stands of hemlock and mountain laurel.

Lower Trail

Stroll along the Lower (pronounced lau-er) Trail and keep an eye out for rare bird species.

Musser Gap

Musser Gap is a gateway into the limitless possibilities of Rothrock State Forest.

Poe Paddy State Park

Take a scenic walk along the Pennsylvania Mid State Trail and through the 250-foot Paddy Mountain Railroad Tunnel at Poe Paddy State Park.

Scotia Barrens

Walk through the past as we explore an area rich in history and ecological significance.

Stone Mountain Hawk Watch

The Stone Mountain Hawk Watch is a world-famous site for spotting migratory raptors as they soar along our ridges.

Tom Tudek Memorial Park

The Tom Tudek Memorial Park is a unique gem in our local park system.

Allegheny Front Trail

Climb up the Allegheny Front and look out over the Centre region from one of highest vantages.

Bear Meadows Natural Area

Visit one of last vestiges of the ancient boreal forest left in Pennsylvania, the 320-acre Bear Meadows Natural Area.

Black Moshannon State Park

Guests can utilize any of the park’s multiple trails to adventure along one of the coolest spots in Pennsylvania.

Dry Hollow

Dry Hollow, often referred to as “Scotia West,” is a 1,271 acre area recently added to Rothrock State Forest and contains several Natural Heritage Areas.

Jo Hays Vista

Trek along the top of one of our ridges starting at the Jo Hays Vista parking lot and see dueling vistas looking both south and north.

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center

Did you know that you have two types of wetlands in your own backyard?

Penn Roosevelt State Park

Voyage deep into Rothrock to adventure in one of the more secluded state parks in our region, Penn Roosevelt State Park.

Rhoneymeade Arboretum & Sculpture Garden

Rhoneymeade, the historic homestead of Grange Fair founder, Leonard Rhone hosts a wide variety of plant species and art.

Shaver's Creek Environmental Center

After exploring the front yard of the Environmental Center, guests can explore a nearby trail to look for wildflowers and to listen for the early summer birds of forest and fields.

Talleyrand Park

Explore the historic features of Talleyrand Park including the Edible Landscape Garden, the Freight House, the Sculpture Garden, and the bridges that cross Spring Creek.

Bald Eagle State Park

Get out and explore the trails of Bald Eagle State Park.

Benner Spring

Take a short (700ft) stroll down the Spring Creek Canyon from the Benner Spring trailhead and take in the sounds of the Benner Spring as its waters flow into Spring Creek.

Colyer Lake

Take a trip out to the scenic Colyer Lake and explore the walking path encircling this community treasure.

Greenwood Furnace State Park

Tour historic Greenwood Furnace State Park and learn about the early days of the Pennsylvania iron industry.

Little Flat

The appropriately named Little Flat Area stands at the northern edge of the Thickhead Mountain Wild Area that encompasses both Bear Meadows and Detweiler Run.

Mount Nittany

Visit one of Centre County's most famous landmarks to hike along history and see what effort goes into preserving a cultural touchstone.

Penns View

Take in the sights of one of our region’s most beautiful vistas at Penn’s View vista in Bald Eagle State Forest.

Scotia - 10 Acre Pond

Walk through the past as we explore an area rich in history and ecological significance.

Spring Creek Canyon

The Spring Creek Canyon is a site or tremendous historic significance to Centre County and hosts a fantastic biodiversity.

The Arboretum at Penn State-Hartley Wood

Enjoy a walk through Hartley Wood.

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